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Oriental Dance


Start 22.03.2017

We are happy to announce the opening of the Oriental Dance class for all women willing to experience a joyful traditional dance intended for women who want to have fun and dance! One hour of Belly Dance with live music for toning, harmonizing and relaxation of both your body and mind!!! Since kids bring life around them, women with children are welcome!

Dance: Belly Dance
When: Wednesdays, 6 to 7 pm
Where: Mehrzweckhalle Weissenstein, Würenlingen
Cost: 10 CHF / lesson
Prerequisites: Have Fun!
Registration per mail to

Dance During Pregnancy

We also propose a Dance During Pregnancy class where the basic movements of the Oriental Dance (such as circle, infinite and soft motions) are blended with specific gymnastic for toning the back, pelvis, legs and chest, all enriched with breathing exercises. During the class we will work on the self-awareness of our body and thoughts crating a stronger bond with the baby.

The class will be opened to all expecting women but also to new moms as well as to all women who look for a deep experience beyond the traditional dance.

For info please contact: