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Carolina Arboleda Clavijo

  I completed a 200-hour teacher training program in Anusara yoga in May 2018. I began practicing Hatha yoga more than ten years ago in Colombia, my home country, but it became a very important part of my life almost three years ago when I joined the yoga club at PSI. The inspiring classes of Marta Divall and Yuliya Sosedova made me fall in love with this physical and spiritual practice, so I decided to prepare myself to be a teacher. I like to teach dynamic classes, so that the student feels there is a connection between the poses like in a choreography. In addition, I like to introduce different poses in each lesson, because I'm a fan of change and variety.

Nicole Hiller


Angelina Parfenova


Namaste, ich, Angelina, praktiziere seit zehn Jahren Yoga. Ich unterrichte Vinyasa Flow und Power Vinyasa,  für alle mit etwas Yogaerfahrung.
Atem und die Yoga Haltungen werden dynamisch und kraftvoll miteinander verbunden. Am Ende der Stunde ganz energetisiert tauchen wir ein in die Tiefenentspannung.

Ich freue mich auf unsere gemeinsame Yogastunde

Rosa Robert


I have been practicing yoga for over 8 years. Over this period my personal practice has varied in style and form from Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga to more recent exploration into Anusara yoga. In 2016 I have completed the 100-Hour Yoga Immersion training and on December 2017 I finalized the "200 hours Teacher Training in Anusara┬« Yoga". Forever  a student, I continuously attend yoga classes and workshops. My practice aims to explore our own body physical limits to create a deeper sense of self-awareness.

Yuliya Sosedova


Iris Spahni


Yoga wirkt wohltuend auf Körper, Geist und Seele. Verspannungen lösen sich, neue Energie wird aufgetankt. Der Geist wird ruhiger und gelassener. Es entsteht eine Harmonie und innere Ausgeglichenheit, welche sich positiv auf den Alltag und das Berufsleben auswirkt.

Ich unterrichte Yoga in der Tradition von Swami Sivananda, die ich bei Yoga Vidya erlernt habe. Über Mittag lege ich grossen Wert auf die Entspannungselemente.

Adriana Weinert


In 2017, I completed 200 hours of Anusara Yoga teacher training. I fell in love with Anusara Yoga (a type of Hatha Yoga) because of its empowering philosophy and anatomically sound methods. I have had knee, lower back, and wrist injuries which I have successfully improved while practicing this type of yoga. In my classes, I aim to give you the tools and body awareness for a safe and enjoyable practice to carry over to life outside the gym.